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Edu4DRR mobile app for Android and iPhone

Dear colleagues of Edu4DRR,

In an effort to continue to provide a great service and share the latest Edu4DRR blog news, videos and more, I have been experimenting with a mobile app services. I am providing a link to paste into you mobile phone browser here or you can use the image below with your camera phone bar code reader to go to the mobile site. Although you can access Edu4DRR with…


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CDC in USA gives advice about what to do in case of zombie attack!

Get A Kit, Make A Plan, Be Prepared. In an effort to highlight emergency preparedness in general, the US Centre for Disease Control has set up a page offering advice about what to do in case of a zombie attack, which is of course being tweeted about and written about in blogs such as this one as well as zooming around the Twitterverse! I think it is a great idea as it gets… Continue

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Great for kindergarten age children! Alert Rabbit DRRE Resources from Save the Children - in English and Thai!

Here is a great resource I found on Save the Children Website. It is also available in Thai, where it was carried out as an education project and would certainly be a lot of fun to carry out with very young children who make puppet shows as well as maps and go-bags and seems to be a great way of involving the whole community in being better prepared!




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Beyond School Books - Podcast by UNICEF with one of our members!

The Third Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction – a forum that brings together stakeholders and experts committed to reducing disaster risk worldwide – gathered this week in Geneva. The theme of this year’s event is ‘Invest Today for a Safer Tomorrow - Increase Investment in Local Actions’.

In anticipation, UNICEF Radio moderator Amy Costello…


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Application deadline extended for International Training Course on Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage

 Deadline for receipt of applications for UNESCO Chair International Training Course on Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage organized by Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto has now been extended to 15 May 2011. However the course will take place as scheduled from 10 to 24 September 2011. Please refer to details on the following link: …


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Teaching of Tendenko saved lives of school children in Japan

The article below is from the Daily Yomuiri online and explains how an education programme based on one word and integrated into other parts of the curriculum was effective at saving lives and enabling children and youth to know how to respond and to do so without hesitation. Clearly these students had developed a strong belief in their own ability to act (sometimes termed 'self-efficacy'). Very inspiring and useful to follow up as a researcher.

Local wisdom a lifesaver…

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Autism Month - Don't Overlook these members of our community!

April is Autism Awareness Month (and April 2nd was World Autism Awareness Day), so it’s a great time to ensure that your preparedness efforts are inclusive of people with Autism in our families, staff/volunteer pools, and our community at large. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a range of complex neurodevelopmental disorders and people…


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What goes in your Emergency Go-Bag?

After the earthquake and Japan there has been much talk of how the country and its people was prepared. Below is an image of a Grab-Bag or Go-Bag from Jpaan. But what do you put in yours? 


  • Do you have one for the family?
  • Do you have one for the car?
  • What do you take on holiday?

Let us know and post pics to this post!!



Added by Justin Sharpe on March 31, 2011 at 15:10 — 10 Comments

URGENT - Cyclone Yasi - Advice for kids and families needed!

Cyclone Yasi is approaching a highly populated area of NE Australia and will be a category 5 cyclone with storm surge of up to 7 meters! I am adding advice to my twitter feed: If you have advice that should be shared for this time and the aftermath, please send to me at edu4drr and I will post immediately on…


Added by Justin Sharpe on February 2, 2011 at 10:43 — 2 Comments

Improving Hygo Framework for Action

During the past 3 weeks I have been taking part in an online dialogue regarding the Hygo Framework for Action (HFA), which we are now half way through. There were five priorities set out in the HFA, one of which is to do with education and knowledge. I am including my contributions to the debate here in a blog and I would welcome further debate about This.

Sent on 7th July 2010:

Dear Colleagues, I would like to concentrate on…

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New Educational Resource: A disaster happening that you’ve never heard of…

Or maybe some of you have...

Six months ago, on January 4th, 2010 in the remote Hunza River Valley of northern Pakistan, a massive landslide buried the village of Attabad, destroying 26 homes, killing 20 people, and damming up the Hunza River.…

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Funding for Edu4DRR!

Dear Colleagues,
The edu4drr site has been going for almost two years and I hope it has been of use to many of you as a resource and as a place to share information and contact colleagues in other countries as well as in your own. The site was set up by myself to facilitate dialogue and highlight good practice among those working for effective education for DRR. However as of July 2010, the site will no longer be a free service of ning but rather a fee paying site. This is being charged by…

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Chile earthquake damage

I thought this was interesting in terms of the extent of damage to industry and therefore of some value when considering mitigation strategies in the future. If these events are not on people's minds at the time of design and build of plant and equipment the costs are huge when these things fail.

Chilean productive sectors estimate damage after 8 8 earthquake in Chile 27 February 2010.DOC

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Global Facebook Users Generous Texters for Haiti, but Unprepared Themselves - how do we change this?

Despite the 500,000 or so members on facebook disaster relief site a recent survey of users found that many are not prepared themselves for a disaster - something that educators and researchers are seeking to understand and change. The link to the survey is:…


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In never rains in sunny California, but when an earthquake happens adults still do the wrong thing

Last week I posted a video on this site from Governor Schwarznegger that talked about the earthquake that occurred in the town of Eureka, California in which he talked about adults doing the wrong thing by running outside, while children did the right thing by ducking under heavy furniture and hiding on until the shaking stopped. In this day of instant news and eye-witness report, the following eye-witness piece on CNN… Continue

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If you have to be in snow and then go into a building....NEOS are the solution. New England OverShoe.

They slip over shoes and can be removed whengoing into buildings (remember galoshes?)


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What is the best Footwear for snow and ice?

Snow and freezing cold temperatures have brought treacherous conditions for many walking (see this news report). So my question to all of you is: What is the best footwear for these conditions? Working in a school children are wearing trainers, 'Ugg' boots (which seem to have no slip resistance and are suede!) and a variety of footwear without any real grip. Any advice is useful...please post a reply… Continue

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Psig Elementary School Calamity Program



a. to educate school staff, teachers, pupils and parents

b. to create committee or task force to ensure safety

c. to be able to evacuate pupils to safety

d. to nurse victims, apply first aid


a. integration to lesson plan

b. set as an academic activity

c. training program for teachers, employees and parents

d. construct devices/ads for school information

e.… Continue

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ASB Job vacancy - Inclusion and DRR Manager

Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) is one of Germany’s largest and oldest social welfare organisations. ASB’s

Indonesia Office is seeking to build on its reputation as a regional leader in providing disaster risk reduction

(DRR) and educational solutions for people with disabilities. ASB Indonesia is seeking an experienced

manager to oversee and deliver an institutional capacity building project on inclusive education funded

by the EC. The project is to be implemented in close… Continue

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