Severe Weather Preparedness for children and families comic - Part One

Something I have been working on: A comic strip on tornado safety for children and families. We used this as part of a Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant collaboration where we are returning VORTEX-USA research back to the community. Last week with 150 first grade students! 

Clicking on images will open a larger version in anew window. I will be adding a PowerPoint of all of the comics in the post for teachers to use as a comment.

I'm adding here in the right order and to show the way in which the comic strips were designed to be viewed by the reader! Communication is crucial for hazard, disaster and emergency management professionals as well las meteorologists... 

Part One:

This one has me in the comic strip as the communicator of tornado warning signs and safety precautions...we developed the graphic in the fifth frame in house at NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory as part of a project in Mississippi and Alabama... 

Using humour is important (in the comic strip I didn't remember batteries - easily done and important to recognise!) whilst also acting as a device to turn the story back to the family and share in their storm-ready preparations! 

Discussions about using a Go-Bag to hold important items is important! While developing the comic strip I showed my six-year old. When we had severe weather (including a tornado) on Sunday he prepared his Go-Bag which included cars for his little brother! It was rather lovely! 

And after all the preparation and work, perhaps relaxing in front of the TV is warranted... 

This sets up the next comic strip using humour. I hope your enjoyed! 

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