Severe Weather Preparedness for children and families comic - Part Two

Part Two:

Second half of my tornado safety & preparedness for children & families is available below. I expanded on learning from the previous comic strip & included some bi-lingual moments (65+m speak at home in USA). Thank you to America Gavira-Pabon for her translations skills!

I wanted the comic to be whimsical and fun to read whilst addressing some of the issues around conversations with kids on safety and preparedness in severe weather events.

Thinking about family members that may have grown up in another country with an absence of certain hazards (e.g., tornadoes) is important. Talking with them is a great first step...we transition to bilingual here, leaving the Spanish language translated for readers of English, while being inclusive of Spanish speakers.

Especially if this allows for questions to be asked about what a Tornado Watch or a Tornado Warning means. This includes addressing expectations for safety as well as thinking about pets. Note that most of these panels are in Spanish language.

Then the father and daughter travel back home, but aware of changing conditions and the need to drive safely to their place of shelter in their home:

I wanted to show what happens when sheltering in your safe space (the previous comic strip showed the dad and his daughter identifying the best places using internet research together and then exploring their home for the best options. In this last comic strip they follow through...and we end on a lighter note too!

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