Educational Resources for Disaster Risk Reduction

I am posting some educational resources for DRR here, but I really need YOUR resources and examples of good practice to find the best practice. Teachers have the ability to inspire children and youth to become important agents of change with regard to DRR because they are open to new ideas ands concepts and will often discuss these with their parents. These ‘learning conversations’ in the home may also result in a positive impact on the ‘protective behavior’ of the family and the wider community as a whole. But it often starts with the lessons that YOU teach. Please help collate these resources so that we can build upon them further. Especially welcome are multimedia resources and projects.

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Hi Justin. I found these resources. I hope you enjoy them they are very useful!
Thanks for that here is the whistle and torch document I told you about.
Here are some new resources for you
Dear Justin,
These are 3 posters that we produced and use to raising awareness school children in our school visit program called GEOmobil in Aceh, Indonesia - so, all of them are in Bahasa. The posters are regarding what to do before, during and after earthquake; Preparedness and how to measure the earthquake. Pictures and instructions on this these posters also part of GEOmobil earthquake module.
They are very cute...I would like to see more resources in local languages! Thank you Lany again for this!
Please see the my photo album just created that shows the California Science Center earthquake exhibit. Some great ideas here! Also I've created an album for toys and games. If you add your photos we can add to this album for everyone.
I've made a wiki where I've tried to link to the resources I've found. Here is the page for Teacher Resources:
I just noticed - you didn't use in your resources! Check it out and let me know what you think! It is designed for both students and their teachers to help them understand how to prepare for and react to a range of hazards.
There are quite a few downloadable resources on the "What's the Plan Stan" website from New Zealand, including unit plans, templates, stories and factsheets:

The site is currently being updated as part of an overall project to revise the resource. The new and revised material will appear on the site in August.




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Family disaster plan activity book

This child-friendly activity book guides children through knowing and reducing their dangers, preparing and planning for emergencies, and learning response and coping skills. The Family Disaster Plan is based around 3 themes: 1) knowing about your dangers 2) reducing your dangers and 3) being prepared to respond in case of hazard impact. These are the...

Seasonal forecast game

During this game players assume the role as farmers and are presented with a probabilistic forecast, for example: there is 40% chance that there will be drier than average conditions. Players have to make decisions based on this information and will see the consequences of their decisions.The goal is to see how well each player can adjust their...

Introduction to industrial accidents: prevention, preparedness and response

The three-hour module Introduction to Industrial Accidents: prevention, preparedness and response aims to raise awareness about industrial accidents in order to strengthen the capacity of government, industry and civil society. With an improved understanding of what constitutes an 'industrial accident', participants will be better able to...

Picturing Resilience Intervention (PRI)

The Picturing Resilience Intervention (PRI) is a group intervention designed to promote resilience and coping skills among youth following a disaster, community crisis, or other challenges resulting from the usual stresses of daily life. PRI blends Photovoice, a community participatory action method, with additional skill-building activities in order...

Handbook on disability and disaster risk reduction

This handbook is part of the project ‘Strengthening of emergency response capabilities with emphasis on differently abled people’ launched by Kerala State Disaster Management Authority (KSDMA). As people with disabilities (PWD) are highly vulnerable to various kinds of disasters/emergencies, this project is designed...

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