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Losses from climate change: €145 billion in a decade

Climate change drives extreme weather and climate-related events, which in turn lead to economic losses. Such events, including heat waves, floods and storms, have caused over €145 billion in economic losses in the EU over the past decade.

Use of data in anticipatory risk management

This paper describes the experience of developing an anticipatory action system to strengthen proactive response to disaster in Kenya. It demonstrates practical challenges in pioneering a system that demands quality and appropriate data and expertise.

The climate crisis is a humanitarian crisis

Climate-related disasters are driving increased levels of risks, vulnerability human rights abuses, disrupting livelihoods, increasing displacement, influencing the spread of diseases, worsening global public health and threatening lives overall.

Effect of individual characteristics, risk perception, self-efficacy and social support on willingness to relocate due to floods and landslides

This study investigates whether individual characteristics, risk perception, self-efficacy and perceived social support correlate with the willingness to relocate due to floods and landslides.

Century-old public bathhouse prepares bathers for earthquakes

Twenty men and women were bathing or relaxing in the sauna at a century-old public bathhouse here on a recent evening--until they suddenly found themselves in the pitch dark.

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