Plate Tectonics explained using an egg!

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Comment by Risye Dwiyani (Iche) on July 30, 2008 at 10:11
Hello Justin! so sorry for my late reply.. and my picture is still like a ghost :D Next time I will replace this (sorry.. i was trying but something wrong with the disk). Anyway.. I am now in Yogyakarta, I didnt know that this is also your PhD is in this idea.. maybe we can share something.. actually I am not doing a disaster education program in Merapi, I am doing a research about risk perception and disaster experience of children around Merapi (especially those who live really close to Merapi). Direct and indirect experience. Hopefully my research can contribute something to disaster education for children and humanitarian assistance. The workshop in schools will start next week.. so I think I can tell you more afterwards.. :) So did you go to Merapi and meet the people? It would be nice if we can share our findings. After checking directly to the people.. we can get some ideas which sometimes are quite different from the ones exposed by mass media (e.g. about Mbah Marijan). Anyway.. I am still learning.. we can talk more about this if you are interested.. I also want to hear your views.. thank you Justin..
Comment by Justin Sharpe on July 3, 2008 at 18:17
Hey there Iche,
Glad you enjoyed the video! Could you upload a photo (or graphic if you are shy!) on to your profile...the site looks like its populated by strange shadowy figures! Also any lesson plans or resources can be added into one of the forum discussions! I am particularly interested in your fieldwork on Merapi...would like to know what educational approaches you are using to get across DRR messages. How are you going to evaluate whether the educational project leads to a change in behavior so that risks are minimized and the community is less vulnerable? I am REALLy interested in PhD is in this area! The villagers around Mount Merapi have a strong believe in whatever the keeper of Merapi Mr. Marijan says. He is the one, who can see the condition of the volcano from the mystical side. If Mr. Marijan does not leave the mountain, the villagers won't leave how do you deal with this or can you include this in the education project?
Comment by Risye Dwiyani (Iche) on July 3, 2008 at 5:57
great idea :) my club also explains the earth by associating it with egg, but we haven't used real egg. We drew & colored the earth and an egg in a large paper (A-0) and made some layers on the paper which we can open & close/ flip... but ours still could not give an image on how the crusts move :D Maybe i should try to use real egg one day! thanks...



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