Processes and outcomes from CERT Training,related to Transformative Learning and Social Learning

So after visiting CERT in Santa Barbara, having generated some 80,000 words of transcription, imported into MaxQDA for coding, then coded there is still an overwhelming amount of data. So I wanted to visualise how CERT training enabled TL phases to be triggered and then associating that to the outcome. A couple of weeks ago I produced a base model for this, then I highlighted KEY events from A (Automatic thoughts), B (Bridging process), C (Challenge), D (Difficulties) and E (Experience). These became a type of learning spiral and today I put all of this together to make a nautilus! I hope it makes sense! 

Essentially, if you follow the spiral out from the CERT programme a series of classes, exercises and drills slowly transform individuals by enabling them to recognise automatic responses, via the learning and then application of new knowledge that can be tested in practical situations including table top exercises, drills, and reflections. Learning is socially constructed as well as learned and so this results in an iterative process where old and new information is held in an unconscious buffer. Over time and with repeated application of new knowledge it allows meaning perspectives to be transformed. One key outcome is that individuals who go through the training become more confident in their ability to help others as well as learning how to work as a team and negotiate difficulty. This results in closer community connectedness, better communication and stronger resilience. 

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