To all on the shake out research team! This is where we can all add to the blog while we are here in Los Angeles for the shakeout. Below is some of my impressions of what we have seen and done so far!

On monday we took part in certificated training for a multi hazards approach to school emergencies. I found this a VERY useful experience, especially the table top exercise, but would like to have seen more school teachers at the event. I also believe that for any exercise and response to be effective it is important that both students and teachers are involved in identifying hazards and risk as well as being drilled and trained regularly so that they know how best to react to a real hazard event. I have learned a lot about ICS and will be encouraging my school to adopt some of these procedures and drills in the near future!

We are off to a school now so I will blog more later about what else we have been doing!

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Comment by Justin Sharpe on November 13, 2008 at 16:15
Well today is the day of the shakeout and I am waiting to go to my assigned high school in Burbank, where they are holding a full drill and evacuation. I will be looking at the evacuation and assembly as well as how parents are re-united with their children afterwards as part of the Incident Command structure. I hope we get to talk to the student afterwards to find out their opinions on how it went and how useful they think it is as well as whether they have learned anything about earthquakes, emergency kits etc before the drill itself.

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