The Fifth Nation-Wide “Earthquake and Safety” Drill in Iranian Kindergartens

The following drill report was sent in by Edu4DRR member, Yasamin, Izadkhah and provides a synopsis of a drill that takes place yearly in Iran as part of earthquake safety measures:

The Fifth nation-wide “Earthquake and Safety” drill was held on May 8, 2013, with the cooperation of the International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (IIEES), State Welfare Organization and the Municipality in Tehran. Accordingly, since May 2000, "Earthquake and Safety" drills are practiced in most kindergartens in the country annually. The drill is a symbolic movement towards expanding the safety culture in


the society through children which was performed in three central parks (Ab-Atash, Besat and Laleh) in Tehran with a total number of 1350 children. Children walked from identified places in the park while singing the “Earthquake and Safety” song together. They carried boards which has got the safety messages on them while parading in the park.

Children also gathered in a particular area and started to perform special programmes such as earthquake and safety songs, competitions, participate in workshops, and performed role plays which was related to issues such as earthquake and safety as well as preparedness. Another form of indoor drill was also performed by children in Iranian kindergartens, which was guided by their teachers and parent representatives.

The main objectives of holding these “Earthquake and Safety” drills are to:

1)    Increase the knowledge of children and teachers about earthquakes;

2)    Develop preparedness for correct and quick performance during earthquake impacts;

3)    Reduce the disastrous consequences of earthquakes:

4)    Expand the culture of safety against earthquakes.

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