Snow, Hail and Graupel: Formation, differences and dangers

I have developed a lesson, resources and webinar for students of all ages who might be away from school currently. This is available on YouTube as well as on the website! 

The resources are available for students as well as parents/carers or teachers to print out at home. There are exercises to fill in for hail formation as well as a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a 'formation of hail' diagram. The PowerPoint presentation is available to view or follow along with and provided here:


The resources are:

1. Students_hail_formation_dangers.docx - A worksheet for younger stud...

2. Hail_mystery_Exercise.docx - A 'creepy' exercise to learn about hai...

You can view the webinar at:

For parents/teachers/carers: Parents-Teachers-Resource.docx

Do enjoy!

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