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If you have not visited for a time because of work commitments, then now is the time to renew your acquaintance with us! As ever we try to offer the latest tools and techniques to help you deliver appropriate, accurate and fun ways of learning about disaster resilience and preparedness. At the end of this e-mail is a plea for donations as I all have to pay for hosting and the url again, but before that, I am including some of the ways that Edu4DRR has contributed to knowledge and education in our field of DRR:

1. Using a prezi for your presentation in order to engage your audience:

This is a real presentation that I gave to scientists (Volcanologists and seismologist at UCL). Get inspired! Click on the image or you can view at:

2. Comics and Vines to get your message across:

This has been running for a while but Silly Timmy is now a book and being used in Pakistan. If you click on the image it will link to the pdf version of the book! I am also working with a DRR member in Fiji to develop curriculum resources too, so the story goes on.

3. At the forefront of academic practice and policy:

Myself and fellow Edu4DRR member Yasamin Izadkhah wrote a paper entitled 'Use of comic strips in teaching earthquakes to kindergarten children'. This outlined the educational and learning theories, the historical perspectives for using comic strips as well as the pilot project in Tehran, Iran. You can view the paper at:


Here are some of my favourites from this year. These are great at generating discussion and most are available on YouTube!

5. Great Social media presence. Follow us on Twitter: @edu4drr.

I hope that helps remind you to re-connect with us at Edu4DRR. We have missed you! If you can donate, please visit Edu4DRR and click on DONATE! Any help is always appreciated! Thank you for your continued support!


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Seasonal forecast game

During this game players assume the role as farmers and are presented with a probabilistic forecast, for example: there is 40% chance that there will be drier than average conditions. Players have to make decisions based on this information and will see the consequences of their decisions.The goal is to see how well each player can adjust their...

Introduction to industrial accidents: prevention, preparedness and response

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Picturing Resilience Intervention (PRI)

The Picturing Resilience Intervention (PRI) is a group intervention designed to promote resilience and coping skills among youth following a disaster, community crisis, or other challenges resulting from the usual stresses of daily life. PRI blends Photovoice, a community participatory action method, with additional skill-building activities in order...

Handbook on disability and disaster risk reduction

This handbook is part of the project ‘Strengthening of emergency response capabilities with emphasis on differently abled people’ launched by Kerala State Disaster Management Authority (KSDMA). As people with disabilities (PWD) are highly vulnerable to various kinds of disasters/emergencies, this project is designed...

Mainstreaming DRR and CCA into development process at local level

This handbook was developed with the aim to equip development practitioners from different line agencies and sectors in Sindh Province with knowledge and understanding on DRR and climate change adaptation (CCA) and the need for DRR interventions. The handbook provides overview of current development planning processes, DRR instruments (including institutional...

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