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URGENT and PRACTICAL help for Nepal

I have just spent a couple of hours mapping a grid area in Nepal, so First Responders and Rescuers know here 

to look and how to get there...especially important in rural areas. Using my laptop I have mapped tracks, footpaths and residential buildings as many main roads already mapped. You can do the same: take some time to …


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Applications Invited for International Training Course on Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage in Kyoto

Applications are invited for 10th International Training Course on Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan. Deadline for application is 9th April 2015. Further details and application forms can be accessed from the following website:-

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Edu4DRR's Silly Timmy comic to be recognised at WCDRR

Just an update on the edu4drr comic strip. Following pilot project in Tehran and development with UNESCO Pakistan, the use of the comic as a form of novel and creative media has been recognised by the BBC, GNDR, Netherlands Red Cross and UNISDR and will be shownalong with other projects at a side event next week at the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction.

Thank you for your submission to the initiative: “Media and communication for Disaster Risk Reduction: Showcasing…

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My presentation as part of a workshop on Transformative Learning

Today I made a facilitated a 90 minute workshop on Transformative Learning for enabling adaptation and initiating change for resilience building in disaster threatened communities. This was for the Intergrated Resilience Learning group. The presentation below positions what is meant by Transformational Learning as well as an examination of the process, potential barriers as well as what facilitators and learners may need to do in order for TL to occur. Click on the image below to view the…


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Ask an Expert Session on Preventionweb

Expert of the Week for 25 to 31 August 2014 will answer questions on Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage. Those interested can visit the following link:-

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Edu4DRR in the last year

Dear members of Edu4DRR,

Did you know that the Edu4DRR twitter feed is the second most influential at DRR in the WORLD! According twitterland we are more relevant than UNISDR! Do you follow us?

Follow us:

Tweets by @edu4drr


If you have not visited for a time because of work commitments, then now is the time to renew your acquaintance with us!…


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Using comic strips to communicate disaster risk

Yesterday I gave a presentation to a joint STREVA (Strengthening Risk in Volcanic Areas) and EWF (Earthquakes Without Frontiers) as part of the Increasing Resilience to Natural Hazards initiative at University College London - the picture to the left! In order to engage…


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Silly Timmy adapted for use in Pakistan

As you are probably aware, I created a comic aimed at helping younger children learn about appropriate behaviour and actions, before during and after disaster events called Silly Timmy. It was first published through here and on Facebook and has been translated into other languages, including Turkish, Indonesian and Fijian. It was also adapted and used as part…


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Applications invited forr International Training Course on DRM of Cultural Heritage

Applications are invited for the International Training Course on Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage organized by the Institute of Disaster Mitigation for Urban Cultural Heritage, Ritsumeikan University in collaboration with UNESCO, ICCROM and ICOMOS. The course will take place in Kyoto, Kobe and Tohoku, Japan from 6th to 22nd September 2014. Application form and other details can be downloaded from…


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'Use of comic strips to teach kindergarten children about earthquakes' paper in Disaster Management and Prevention Journal

The 'Silly Timmy' comic strip developed on this site by me were used in a pilot study in Tehran, Iran just over a year ago in an attempt to assess the possibilities of using in wide educational contexts. The research and it's findings are published at: in Disaster Management and Prevention. It's authors are myself (Justin Sharpe) and long time member of, Dr Yasamin Izadkhah. The abstract for the paper us included… Continue

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Saritsa Foundation Equalizes Opportunities for DRR to School Children and Community Groups at Goa in December 2013.

Saritsa Foundation in its continues endeavors towards imparting Life Saving Education to minimize losses of lives and property in disasters. 

Saritsa Foundation imparted knowledge and practical training with mock drills, as well as for preparing of search and rescue teams with needed equipment to about 1700 school teachers, school children groups (including a group of disabled children) of 70 schools…


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Sharing Saritsa Foundation With Humbleness - I Receiving Global Award - Karamveer Puraskar.


 I have pleasure to share with you that in recognition of my humble contribution for Life Saving Education to people to protect lives and means of livelihood in disasters in past 14 years, I have been approved by the Jury of The International Confederation…


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Using multimedia tools to engage learners in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Prevention at all ages.

I recently gave a virtual presentation to a forum called 'Time to Teach' at Saint-Petersburg university of management and economics. It was an interesting experience as I had all two weeks notice to put together a presentation on how learners of all ages can be engaged in DRR via the use of multimedia. This allowed me to showcase some of the material on edu4drr as well as the Silly Timmy comic which was first seen on this…


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Radio Adverts for educational purposes regarding DRR

A few years ago ( three or four) I contributed to the creation of a number of earthquake safety and preparedness radio adverts for use on Uzbek national radio. The adverts appeared in both Uzbek and Russian and it was decided to have different languages for use with different children. My idea and subsequent script was to base the advice (it was for earthquakes) around a…


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Using Vine to get across disaster preparedness and safety

For those of you who don't know or are unsure what it is 'Vine' is an App that can be downloaded and used on iOS or Android smartphones. Vine is a mobile service that lets you create and share short looping videos. Videos you post to Vine will appear on your Vine profile and the timelines of your Vine followers. Posts can also be shared to Twitter or Facebook. You sign up for an account (I used my twitter account as it is connected then for letting our 3000 follows know what I…


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DRR in school Curricular - Fighting to be heard

I have just come across this  interesting document addressing curricular based DRR - DRR_in_school_curricular.pdf . This site has DRR curricular developed for secondary school students which uses resources such as my…


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qualification of teachers to teach disaster management in school

Inclusion of disaster management in curricula is in discussion but there is no discussion on the teachers qualification to teach disaster management . CBSE schools in India Disaster Management subject is included from 2005, but I did not find any guideline or minimum qualification of a teacher to teach disaster management to students .if anyone knows please share

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The Fifth Nation-Wide “Earthquake and Safety” Drill in Iranian Kindergartens

The following drill report was sent in by Edu4DRR member, Yasamin, Izadkhah and provides a synopsis of a drill that takes place yearly in Iran as part of earthquake safety measures:

The Fifth nation-wide “Earthquake and Safety” drill was held on May 8, 2013, with the cooperation of the International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and…


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Deadline for Receiving Applications

Dear All
The Deadline for receiving applications for the International Training Course on Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage in Kyoto, Kobe and Tohoku is 20 May 2013. Application form can be downloaded from the link below

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8th International Training Program on Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage

Applications are invited for the 8th International Training Programme on Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage organized by Rits-DMUCH from 7 to 21 September 2013 in Kyoto, Kobe and Tohoku, Japan. Application Deadline is 20 May 2013.

For details visit

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