Lockdown/Shelter-in-place training/INSET

lockdown exercise at school

I have developed lockdown/shelter-in-place procedure alongside 1 hour INSET sessions. These are useful as part of an overall school safety INSET and make ideal 'twilight session' INSET's. Included below is a plan for trainer or leader of INSET, A table top exercise, A news article about lockdown's in US schools, the procedure itself and link to video on this site as part of the starter.

Lockdown Training lesson plan

Table Top scenerios

Lock-down/Shelter-in-place procedure

A news article about lockdown's in US schools

Video link for starter


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Comment by Justin Sharpe on February 23, 2010 at 11:28am
This is a useful video for lockdown training. Could be used as part of INSET! Let me know what you think!
Comment by Justin Sharpe on February 4, 2010 at 3:22pm
An update:

Following training of staff since September, I have modified the procedure for staff so that it is a one page set of instructions. This makes it easier to digest and understand. I would suggest ensuring staff have a copy during the week that the first drill takes place so that they have procedures that they can follow, especially if all staff have not had training. It is important that students have also had some training about expectations as well as what the drill will involve. I will post resources to accompany this soon.



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